.Morning Assembly

To provide value-oriented education, morning assembly is held on every Tuesday the weekday at 11:00 am.
Morning assembly is always conducted by students and moral and spiritual ideas are presented by them.

Extension Lectures/Seminars/Workshops

Arranging and organizing extension lectures, workshops and seminars is an important activity of the institution. To impart awareness to the students on the current issues and to broaden their mental horizons, the institution invites eminent resource persons, who deliberate upon a wide range of topics like psychology, philosophy, religion, music, health issues, communication skills, etc.

Co-Curricular Activities
A number of music, artistic, debates, declamation, quiz, home science activities, and competitions are organized from time to time to provide catharsis to the emotions of the students.

Sports Activities
Students are encouraged to take part in different inter-college competitions and also to represent the university in All India Inter-University Competitions. To capture the interest in physical activities inter section competitions are held in badminton, table tennis, chess, cricket, cross country, and tug of war. Yoga and aerobics workshop is also organized every year. Students regularly go to Gymnasium for their physical fitness. Different competitions of Athletics are held during the Annual Athletic meet.

National Service Scheme (NSS)
NSS camps are organized in the college every year to develop in students a sense and respect for the dignity of labor. There are two units (boys and girls) of NSS in the college. Every year NSS department organizes one-day and 7-day camps for the volunteers.

Blood donation camps

The most important feature of the department is the Blood donation camp, which is very popular and 50% of the students donate blood in the camp. Other activities organized by the department are free medical and eye-checking camps for the community, participation in rallies to promote awareness on various issues in public, and protection of the environment by planting trees.

Trips and Tours 
For providing an informal and healthy interactive environment to the students, the college organizes historical and entertainment tours for the students every year.